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A Past Unknown

Nothing To Hide

A Past Unknown

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Perfect, i can’t quite seem to add up to your means of being holy.
Do you still see me when i curse, backbite, try to run and hide?
Say i’m something that i’m not, fooling everyone.
Hypocrite, take it in, you’re dead before my eyes.
Perfect, you faker, i see who you are, you cannot hide.

Is there no sympathy? my lips are quick to speak.
In selfishness i do what i want until the end. blinded,
My way i can’t see, my way is right to me,
In the end, my way is death.

My way wretched, my way misled, taste the poison i am spoonfed.

I need your sympathy, my wretched self deserves nothing.
Teach me your ways, be my everything,
You will see the death of me.
My way is not what i want, body shaking, sick to the core.
A hypocrite deserving of death, do you see how wretched i am?

Are you like me?
Are you filthy?
Sin in the blood?
Guilty like the rest of us?
Selfish we are looking out for one, if i say i’m blameless i’m deceiving myself.
I am wretched,
I am misled,
I need your grace, will you take this from me?

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