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A Breath Before Surfacing


A Breath Before Surfacing

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Staring in disbelief of how much I love you
And how much you love gnawing on my fingers
This thread never seems to end
Our dying wish, to slay these demons and dine on their flesh
Decades of angst concealed
Bred into society's dregs
Behind a wall of fire they reside
Awaiting the fateful day on which we create our final resolution
In a web of deceit, the serpentine savior of all
I have seen so many fall into this black hole that consumes your every action
To hide in a cave
The hollow comfort of the flame
Now be witness to the battle that ensues
A war has been declared
Which side will you choose?
After all is said and done
We did our best but they won
Well they've never mattered anyway

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