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A Breath Before Surfacing


A Breath Before Surfacing

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Someone in this room cannot be trusted
Somebody turn on the lights
We’ve all been privy to a chain of events tonight
That will determine our very futures
It will determine our lives
I’m going to get to the bottom of this
Deadbolt the door, no one in or outside
I arrived just before midnight
Soaking I hurried through the door
To find inside what my eyes could not believe
Our hostess face down on the floor
Now I don’t know who I can trust
There is no one
In misery I will solve this mystery
And if I never rest again, it shall be done
With such a host of characters
One of them is bound to make a tragic mistake
Forcing them to light
Illuminates the culprit
The goddess of the moon has provided us the setting
In which our story takes place
Their leering eyes burn like coals in my path
But I cannot be compromised
The blood has started to pool in my hands
Manifesting the weight on my conscience
I must confess
She is far more than our hostess
In fact, she’s the love of my life
And though there are knives in my eyes
I’m still wide awake
Questions fired like bullets in an attempt to seed
Those who are truly innocent from the guilty
A ceiling fan is the only thing in sight
With each rotation a shadow cutting through the light
With my head in my hands a depravation of sound
I can see clearly now that only darkness surrounds
They all played a part in her death
I will go on til I have nothing left
Forever bound to this oath
To avenge her ghost

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