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A Breath Before Surfacing

A Night in Terror Tower

A Breath Before Surfacing

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On this night we have been desecrated
On this night we have been sacrificed
Upon this night we have risen from ashes
And on this night we're exacting revenge
Only blood will suffice
Broughten back with such fervor
We, the purest of hearts
All their disdain will prove only to fuel our determination
We cannot faulter to these bottom feeders any longer
They have been starving, alas the vein is tapped
Slaughter their weak, such waste could never hold us back
Their ranks will fall during our ascension
Grand halls will lay littered in their remains
"Spare us of this!"
Spare us of this? It's far too late
An endless staircase is all that awaits
There is no retreat
For once this night has begun it can never end
It can only repeat
Through every struggle
With every victory we are humbled

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