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Our Time Down Here

A Road Less Travelled

Our Time Down Here

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How about we all compare our scars?
Lets see who's lived the most.
It's so hard to live in times like ours.
It's so hard to live with all these ghosts.
So tell the captain we're going down.
How does it feel to know no ones coming back for you?
For what you've done you'll feel as numb.
For what you've done your time has come.
I feel the weight of this life as it pulls right through me,
but if you put your plans too one side what's the point of living?
Because I know that you'll die old
but what do you have to show for days gone by?
What have you tried?
You've gotta give it all kid in this life.
We've pushed the world to one side,
nothing can stop this now.
Where are those days that you let go?
The same place your heart is.
So while we're young we're not like you,
we won't let this go!
Nothing can stop this now.

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