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Our Time Down Here

Tony And The Gang

Our Time Down Here

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After the lights went out
On you on your last show,
We all went out for one last time,
To the only club we knew.
Because that was closing too.
Departure in the air.
Was it just your band that split,
Or the way we lived for the past 2 years?
But where do you go and what do you say,
When all you know is drifting astray?
To us those times were sure worth their weight.
I shuffled to the station in a nostalgic state.
It's funny how the smallest things can just break you,
I thought i was unbreakable.
When things didn't pick up, i picked up a pen
And scrawled on my train ticket this requiem;
"so if this is the last time that we sing together,
Know that i don't regret a single line,
I meant every word".

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