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Espen Lind

Espen Lind

Espen Lind tem o estilo Axé e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Baby You're So Cool (tradução)", "Where The Lost Ones Go (tradução)", "When Susannah Cries (tradução)".

1.053 acessos

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  1. All I Want Is An Angel
  2. American Love
  3. Army of one
  4. Baby You're So Cool
  5. Baby You're So Cool (tradução)
  6. Black Sunday
  7. Childhood Fields Of Clover
  8. Clearly You Are Falling In Love
  9. Coming Home
  10. Driving In Your Car
  11. Everybody Says
  12. Everything's Falling Apart
  13. Hallelujah
  14. Happy
  15. Hopelessly Happy
  16. I Don't Let My Heart Be Troubled
  17. I Want You
  18. It's A Damn Shame About You
  19. Joni Mitchell On The Radio
  20. Life Is Good
  21. Life Will Turn Around
  22. Lind/Hvindsen
  23. Look Like Her
  24. Lucky For You
  25. Messing with me
  26. Million Miles Away
  27. Missing Her Then
  28. Movie Star
  29. Nightrider
  30. Niki's Theme
  31. Pop From Hell
  32. Pride
  33. Scared Of Heights
  34. Sea Of Love
  35. Stay Away Tonight
  36. Sure Know Something
  37. Sweet Love
  38. The Buffalo Tapes (My So-Called Freinds)
  39. The Dolphin Club
  40. The Dolphin Club (tradução)
  41. The Music Takes You There
  42. This Is The Time! This Is The Place!
  43. This Is The Time! This Is The Place! (tradução)
  44. Truth Hurts
  45. Unloved
  46. Unloved (tradução)
  47. Venn
  48. When Susannah Cries
  49. When Susannah Cries (tradução)
  50. Where Heros Go To Die
  51. Where The Lost Ones Go
  52. Where The Lost Ones Go (tradução)

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