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Espen Lind

Sea Of Love

Espen Lind

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I will come to pick you up
You'll be waiting by the church downtown
No one's gonna make us stop
We'll be riding straight out of this town

Like so many times before
And when we reach the shore
We dive into the sea
The sea of love
We dive into the sea
The sea of love

You look so pretty tonight
Have I told you that you look like a movie star
And this kind of light
Baby, that is just what you are

Remember this forever
It's a final endeavor
And you say you miss me so
But don't you know
I'll be everywhere you go
In the sea of love


So walk with me this final mile
Come tell me that your lovin' is all I need
To get me to the other side
And baby I'll be meeting you there someday

And before I say hello
I'll say do you wanna go
Swimming in the sea
The sea of love
Go swimming in the sea
The sea of love

Come on baby, let us go
Swimming in the afterglow
Drowning in the undertow
In the sea of love
The sea of love

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