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Manifest Destiny

Lance King

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There are two sides to every coin,
Two faces yet to join
Visualize what is right,
Others see all that's left
Duality part of 3-d,
Cup half full or is it empty?
I see a freedom, it's a choice,
I'm in the driver's seat

Seeing colors rich in blue
Roller-coaster leaving view
Now it's time to get to manifest destiny!

Phenomenon comes in threes,
Not just a philosophy
I believe in trinity: spirit, mind and body
I will join all of these,
Add intention and humanity
Blended all a potpourri
Of love and light, generosity

My ego is out the door,
I'm onto something more
Now it's time to get to manifest destiny!

The tension mounts of all my days
Won't let them in or they'll ruin
Up and down emotions go,
Like a wave they ebb and flow

I'm developing an attitude,
One of only complete gratitude
I know a thought's a conversation
To everything in creation
I'll monitor all my transmissions,
Living love with all creation
I'll find a way of tuning out the noise
Of the annoying darker inner voice

Round and round is all we know
Up and down, all a great show
In and out and back and forth,
Like a child with a yo-yo
I'll manifest destiny,
I'll send out what i'd like to see

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