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A Sense Of Urgency

Lance King

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A young man born with a great destiny
Yet unknown to him because of the law of free will
Is set out on his path.
Through life's lessons he grows to see
The synchronicity of life that begins
To awaken in him dormant memories of many lifetimes,
Some in numerical prompts that lead him to questions...
Questions that need answers!
It is through these and other synchronous events,
Visions, music and messages from beyond the veil
That he begins to awaken in the deepest reaches
Of his divine spark that lay waiting...

Let my words be truth and healing
Echoing throughout the land,
Welling up deep inside of me,
Gaining great understanding.
Let the power of the musical intent
Seep deeply inside of me.
Let the power of the story to be told
Seeking the truth inside my soul.
My soul...

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