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Ocean without a harbor
Satellites of the "history whale"
Wherever this travel leads him
Where could be its ending?

Like a ploughshare
History plows through (the) eternal sea
But what could be its destiny?
Wherever this travel leads him
Wherever could be his ending

What is life
Without the streaming of time?
Could it be that
Without time the journey of life won't end?

When time stands still
Death shall be no more
When time stands still
Could we live forever?

So he closed his notes
While he is reaching for the lever
Steam and flashes fills the lab
The propulsion starts to rattle
In madness of her loss he swore
To fight death forever
A single tear falls on the panel
When he pulls the final lever...

...to stop the time
Stop the time forever!


Anger´s getting grimmer
And red signals starts to shimmer
And the engine screams of violence
Growing faster
And he's laughing, he's crying
A silver tear stopped in its fall
His own ocean stops to flow
As the time stops to be

Reality defers itself into another new dimension
Implosion, silent victory of the materia over vision
The iron gratings come back to his mind
He sees the grey walls of his cell again

"No chance for cure, no therapy"
The doctor speaks and closes the file
"Too sad for him, it seems he has to stay until the end of time"
Until the end of time...

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