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PotBoy: The Final Fantasy


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Let me tell you about a "special guy" on his travel through the stars
The endless space, a boring place when there´s nothing left to do
His spaceship flies with weed instead of fuel


"Boring, this trip is boring"
So he thinks it wouldn't matter if he smoke some weed

The level sensors?
He don't care
The level is sinking?
The warning signs are shining?
He doesn't mind

A cracking sound and the shivering ground are bringing him back to mind
And when the "brain mist" disappears, a planet fills out the sight
He's falling, he's grounding
He will fall
He falls

No chance for restart
The engine is out of control
He falls

"Look at the skies
Look at the stars and see him fall
Look at the skies"
As a falling star he crashes on earth

And at the S.E.T.I. the scientists cannot believe their eyes

[Christopher Floyd:]
"Bob, all that we dreamed of my friend, it came to us in this night! Oh, I hope it's alive!"

"Eagle command to eagle two, is the sighting now affirmed?"
"Roger command, sighting confirmed, the bird is landed down on earth"

[Christopher Floyd:]
"Oh, I´ve waited for a lifetime, now all my dreams come true
I have to fix the lab now, there are so many things to do
Oh, I´ve waited for a lifetime, now all my dreams come true
Nothing will remain the same, everything will change"

[Gary Youngman:]
"Well Mister President I have to argue
I think it's an act of aggression
If there's no argument against I request a military reaction"


[Gary Youngman:]
"That´s why they can't come here
That's why they should beware"

A pile of fire enlightened the night
And IRBMs stopped their flight
And the square mile where the ship were once...

[Westley Stripes:]
"Now that you came to us and got what you wanted
where are the bucks my friend? No money, no deal"

[Charles Danz:]
"What's all this good for? You're trying to sucker me, right?
Stripes, you better take care of the business 'cause
No one fucks with me
No one fucks with me
You better make him pay"

Now all happened really fast
Our hero grabbed the weed
And on the rush of the moment
He ran away full speed

There was Windy in the middle of the park
'cause she's running her own kiddie ride
He sees the Horse, while the guys reload their guns
So he runs to take the reins

"Where do you go with my horse?" she says
Then she jumps on the back of the animal
"I must get out of this mess!" he says
Windy shows him the way out of here

And when they reach her shack in front of the sea and
She turn around to look in his eyes
In his mind a galaxy explodes as she takes his hands
He understands

In the zenith of this night
He sees the mystery and beauty of her life
All of his doubts seems to be gone
He will settle down
He found his new home here...
...In her world of wonders

"Show me your wonders
Show me your wonders, Windy"

[Potboy to his enemies:]
"Let me live my life, leave me alone
Let me live my life, let me live

Yesterday is gone and the world has changed already
Through these eyes - her eyes - I was reborn
She wiped away the shadows of my sweet melancholy
So I am willed to stay until the end of time"


[Alan Fickman:]
"This is the FBI, my name is Agent Alan Fickman
Give up, you're surrounded, be smart and get out of here
Hands over your head!"

Carried by Leviathan, they arrive in sight of an unknown abandoned island
Not totally virgin, there's already one guy living here
They call him "garou freak"

Their heart are like the ocean
They are on a conquest of illusion

Yesterday's gone and the world has changed already
Through their eyes I was reborn
Now that I'm old and Windy left me alone...
Still playin', smokin'
Playin', smokin'
Until the end of time

"Windy... Windy I love you"

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