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Vena Cava

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

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The vena cava
The most superior
The queen
Bringing blood into the chamber
Always into the chamber
And in you it moves the same
Even if you can not feel
How it moves, it does move there in you

I'm awake but I cannot be found
Daydreaming so far down
In your arms I sleep so deeply
But I can feel how you will leave me
Even as you are still sitting here
Even as your mug of coffee steams
I can feel how the seams of your ribs
Will separate from the seams of my ribs
I know already how much tv will fail to comfort me in your absence

It's as though the nothing never was
As everything will do just what it does
Like a bullet in the barrel of a gun
I'm hiding here inside for someone, someone
In your eyes streaks of canary yellow
In that twin bed I lay straight and narrow
In your room on long island
I tried to keep myself from sighing

While the lilt of your language
It made me think that I was sinking with the wreckage
Of that old ship
Even though our love has long been dead
Its ghosts will follow to the foot of my deathbed

I ain't no brother I ain't no son
There ain't no aubergine in my blood
I ain't no warrior or king
But how I am one when I sing
When I sing sing sing
While the vena cava the most superior the queen
Is bringing blood into the chamber always into your chamber

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