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Little Brother

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

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I'm not sure how these marks came to be on my heart
In your bed as I slept, with the devil had a brawl
When I awoke, prayed to god it had been but a draw
Oh my, what more of a mess I will be if I've lost

Now I dream of the sky running towards me, liquid like an ocean
My little brother is there and I carry him like a newborn
It seems I'm always lifting him to escape
From rabid beasts and storms
Behind my eyelids he is light, he's the weight of a quarter
But in daylight he is broad and older

Oh lord, call me back, back to you, I will come
Seal my soul like an envelope, use your spit, lick it shut
Bring your knives, use your tools, perform open heart

The water is scalding, so cold that it burns
But when I lay in your likeness, how you slay all my hurt, all my hurt

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