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Regarding Ascending the Stairs

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

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I cannot think of that song with this music on
And I never want to go
Back to Arkansas
Even if you've gone from there
Even if you've gone

You handled me like an infant skull
And I cradled you like a newborn nightmare
And I always long, long to go back there:
Straight back down the hallway and up the stairs
To that bed, hmm

I asked the deer could the hunter she hear
Come a'creepin, creepin, creepin, creepin
I whispered in her ear so sweet and sincere
But she was already dead asleep
And the ground where she lay was red, sour and stained
And I kissed her, kissed her, kissed her, before I turned away
And I never want to go back there:
Down the path to the place
Where she lay, hmm

We can close our eyes and cry out to the darkness
That there is still this light in us
There is this fight to find right where we belong

This ribcage
It is a staircase, climb
Climb it to my iris, you can live there
You know who I am
You know who I am
I am your apple

So open up the book and read to me your favorite passage
And know that I will be right here and I will listen
I hear you and I have heard you for a thousand years

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