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Deadly Weapons


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Tell your lies to your other guys
I wanna know where you been
Well if you hand me a line
It'll be the last time
I won't be lettin' you in (no, no)

When you call on the phone
Say you ain't comin' home
You better tell me the truth
Cause it's plain to be known
You ain't out on your own
Your gonna take or use (?)


Love's a deadly weapon
And murder's on my mind (murder's on my mind)
I don't wanna threaten
I'm leavin'you behind

Sixteen, you've had too many lovers
Too many lessons to learn
Well as the years have gone past
Your looks ain't gonna last
It's time the tables are turned (yeah, yeah)

For you date other men
You took all you could get
And now your hearts growin' cold
So when I shut off the heat
And put ya out on the street
They say you never could go

Ow, yeah!

[Chorus] 2X

Girl your headin' into danger
And I've been tryin' to forget
Cuz now you're livin' with a stranger
Oh-oh (yeah)

[Guitar Solo]

When you walk round the block
Stop and come up and knock
Don't let it go to your head
If you're taken inside
It's the end of the ride
You're gonna wish you were dead!

(Look out!)

[Chorus] 4X

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Love's a (fades out)

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