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Divide Me


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I’ve waited my whole life to feel this blessed,
Now I’m comparing the dream to the way it is.
And everybody’s looking their very best,
Remembering times when they were just like this…
My imagination never felt so clear, and I
So now I know this is for real…

Your eyes divide me,
And your ways control my every mood,
And your face distracts my confidence in standing,
And I can’t move, so I sing.
Doo da doo da doo

Now I can’t believe I’m here with you
Living some fantasy romance
And everybody’s saying you’ve got to take a chance
But something’s wrong
I feel so still
Then it cuts right through me
When you say you will…

Your eyes divide me
And your ways control my every mood
Your face distracts my confidence in standing
And I can’t move, No I can’t move so I sing
Doo da doo da doo.

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