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One Life


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It was a two lane black top in the middle of a forestry strip
I trip and I fall, ‘cause I never really noticed it was…
… Right in the middle of my mind.
So merry go round and maybe I’ll do my part
But it went up the gut and that was enough to break my heart

It’s simple and faded when you say you will but never do
I was always aware of my options but I never followed through

So, I don’t really wanna sing the blues ‘cause I don’t have time
And when I die I don’t really want a funeral and I hope nobody cries
For some it seems endless while others get none, I got one life

So brother to brother was the unwritten manuscript
But Father and Mother said we’ll give it a year, maybe we’ll quit
And though all of your answers were straight up lies
I had to ask the right questions and all in good time

It’s hard not to blame you but it’s even harder not to blame myself
Though it’s probably the world’s fault, yeah that’s so likely, so easy
(Bridge) I am immediately faced with life, while you just stand around
You are the innocent lonely man, I don’t mean to put you down…

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