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Judge Dread

Rudeness Train

Judge Dread

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All aboard, rudeness train

Tell your sister to come down quick

And she can have a suck of my dick

On the rudeness train

I gave her one in the corridor

And after that she wanted more

On the rudeness train

Move off sister if you could

For you are standing on my wood

On the rudeness train

Show your ticket at [???]

And I look up and tell it [?}

On the rudeness train

I had a girl the other night

She wasn't loose but she wasn't tight

On the rudeness train

Whether you're small or whether you're large

Whether you're soft or whether you're hard

It's a rudeness train

Mary had a little pig, she also had a bear

I've never seen her little pig but I've often had her bear

On the rudeness train

A by loose dibber and nibber and dock

Waving and shaking his big hairy ...

On the rudeness train

Slow down,

Slow down brother...

You're going too fast...

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