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Josh Martinez

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I get into free styles like jams at the park
Giving out free samples of arguably art.
Imagine how I feel, sick of getting stuck in time.
Frozen but I'm supposing my grip slipped and now
it's nine minutes after nine and I'm a nervous wreck in line
to buy a book to look at the pictures. I can't read between the lines.

Late night insaniac, braniac dum dum.
In a mansion I'm a maniac, and then some.
I'm a miscreant, the photogenic kleptomaniac,
outdoor enthusiast. Its the power punk rasta,
Eating tuna pasta on the daily laze about my day is hazy
still from the night before.
I try and think up ways so that rap pays the bills
and still we never turn the heat on. Prefer to put a beat on
and warm up by drinking and rapping minds thinking rhyming
couldn't get this good if you couldn't keep timing
that's why the r in rap stands stands for rhyming,
Little Boy! Little girls, c'mon all ya'll gather round.

I was b-boying before you could do tricks,
Before you became hiphop you watched it on flicks.
Rented ideas indented in your brainstem
it's plain dem can't see the clouds for the rain
Or the crowds for the same faces that remain after the showcases
Standing out in front in the rain.

Woke up. Found out. Got told Broke down. Hold on
No sound smoke rings. Slow down(2x)
It's a nightmare where I can't wake up
It's right there and I can't pick it up…
You might stare, but I'd prefer that you wouldn't.
Again I reached my hand out to get it but couldn't.

Verse 2
You don't want it? Oh yes I Do.
And unless I get it soon, I really might lose it
I've done other people's dirty dishes to get here.
Get my drift are we clear yet? HA! Hear me!
Let no one tell ya wrong, long as there's blood in my lips
flowing through my palms, I'mma string along my things and be gone.
I know songs I do get sung along to.
I roll with strong crew, and drink strong brew
You know my name's not Josh but call me that I like it better when you do.
Cause who I really am, man, I don't have a clue.
Let no one else hold down the god and all the odd jobs
I get up to in the middle of my garden
Yeah I got a credit card and run my own business
with the most talented valiant chicken eating rapscallions.
Tuna rice perogy washed down with a forty diet,
If it don't taste good, goddamn it man, fry it.
If you really want to know the truth you better try it on
Before you buy it and be gone.

If you want it bring it on. Me I'm already there.
I'm six foot two with light blond hair.
I'm where you wanna be when you're not on the internet
I live a life in analog but still get diggy with it.
Bit it from him hit it one time for breakdancing and two times for ballet dancers
I don't even listen to hiphop really, I like reggae. So, Control this.

I do it for love, money and anyone up above.
If you're out there, let me know. Show me love
Cause I'm always looking when I walk side to side
Block to block it's too hot to not find shade and hide

Inside each hovel resides a harlequin novel
with Pablo Picasso's leftover absinthe bottle.
There were little green tears on the corner of his lips,
which he licked to get lit on the dew drops and drips.
And as he slips into dreamstate…
The subtle rebuttal of utter sleeplessness sets in.

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