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Josh Martinez

Midriff Music - Cheers

Josh Martinez

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Watching you, watching me
I'm loving you, your mocking me
I'm talking to myself and can't see
What's stopping you from dropping me.

Verse 1
I woke up today feeling everything was strange
next day same thing no better no change
The cranes don't move the concrete ain't poured
Sitting watching ants drown and I ain't bored

Waiting for the paint to dry waiting for the faint
to cry out loud/ I ain't ready to die right now
what if death was our birth and we rewinded in time
so every day we got younger and our hunger grew hundredfold

our minds blew thunder underneath the summit climb,
when its undermind the sun'll shine but none of its mine.
I'll be damn if the dipstick dips below the lip lock
hold your forked tongue viper spit back with shit talk

i keep pace but can't walk, i hardly talked my feet raced.
to catch up and lock eyes, sudden stops she acts surprised.
Christ, we couldn't even speak we'd reached that point in every night when,
it comes time to climb into the bed alone and let the night descend

I've been an optimist, communist, a populist
I've lived anonymous autonomous I've seen the walls fall
I've seen the fallen rise and start walking
I've seen the calling chosen and sat staring back frozen

Verse 2
You can judge a man by the size of his glasses
You can change the outcome just take a few classes
Ask a question if you don't know the answer to the
Age old riddle "what does it all mean"

I don't kiss and tell or scratch or sniff
I can tell the difference between fact and myth
Been trying to write hooks, sing songs, write books
playing ping pong on my porch to slightly odd looks

I get a lot of t-shirts, I just don't wear,
I got debts I can't pay but I just don't care.
I got some shit to deal with feeling like I gotta heal,
I used to steal kisses now I give em back.

At front of the line at the back of the class,
raising my hand and my half empty glass.
it's a slippery slope trying to cope of course
with the strange strain of fame in a vein feels forced

Maybe I'm wasting my time but I made up my mind,
I wanna do rhyming maybe leave school behind and
can't complain, been a motto of mine for some time
can't ever sit still when outside the sun shine

been on my grind been going out my mind
turn up everything til you feel it in your spine
Design by a live band to get crowds moving
the rebirth of dancing lets start the movement

Yelling cheers. Summer. Cheers Birthdays.
Cheers Midriff Beers So Thirsty
Cheers Laughter Cheers Good Times
Cheers to the ciphers when you got your good rhymes

Cheers Homies Cheers Ladies
Let's hear it for the spirit that'll make some babies
Cheers the Boogie Cheers to Humping…
Cheers to looking at me like I'm up to something…

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