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Arlo Guthrie

Somebody Turned On the Light

Arlo Guthrie

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I've been to wild Montana
I went there in a storm
My boots were Texas leather
My Levis wet and torn

I loved it in Montana
Loved it in the storm
I think I'm gonna cross that river
I just might be reborn

New York, New York - winter, '61
Takin' me a city ride
Somebody tall musta put out the lights
'Cause it got real dark outside

And I never saw the sun till '71
But I never gave up the fight
I sure was glad when I saw the dawn
Somebody, somebody turned on the light
Somebody turned on the light

Women, wine and fast red cars
And I couldn't see to read the signs
Somebody said "Whose life is this?"
And I said that it can't be mine


When the world is wrong better right yourself
It'll make the dark clouds fly
Nobody tall can put out the lights
Just don't let the spirit die

If you never see the sun till '91
Don't you ever give up the fight
Sure be glad when you see the dawn
Somebody, somebody turns on the light
Somebody turns on the light.

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