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Gallows for Grace

World Eater

Gallows for Grace

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War. Domination. Genocide.
Mankind will suffer abolition.

Machines will black the sky.
Smoking ruins, charges poured.
War will bring us...
a process for destruction.

The hordes have come forth.
Mighty weapons risen.

Possessed to give everything,
frenzied zealousy,
Praised by lunatics in power,
Fulfilling their endless greed. (hold)

Taking lives and taking land,
Blind leading the blind,
Delusions of granduer,
Heroism in your mind.

Death beckons. duty calls.
Heading to war.

Could mean the end is near,
Your heart rate soars.

Death beckons, duty calls,
Panic sets in.

Training wont help you now,
You cannot win.

Mankind will burn in these flames.

Burnt to death, your last breath leaves you.
Your soul is full with sin.

Pray for solace.

A Process for destruction.
Mankind will suffer abolition.

The hordes have come and gone.
Mighty weapons all spent.
War will bring us...
a process for destruction.

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