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Gallows for Grace

Revealing The Helical Nether

Gallows for Grace

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All thats left is dust to choke on.
Bring forth the great beast.
Burning carnage; Fires from hell.
Bring forth the apocolypse.

All thats left is dust to choke on.
Burning carnage; Fires from hell.
Cities all are scrapped and twisted.
Mankind has swallowed itself.

How the souls of men had grown,
before the scythes of greed had mown.
Saw freedom crushed and treason crowned,
humanity was gagged and bound.

Famished. The fiend cries out in hunger.
Glutton. Engorging everything. (everything)
Bursting. Gut swells with misery.
Disgorge. Decaying everything.

Like disease that burns the flesh, this pox has spread unto the earth.

No salvation.
Planet eaten.
No salvation.

The world eater cometh.

All things are devoured, nothing left untouched. The World eater.
Man made monster. (Abomination)

Universe devoured, nothing left untouched.
Man made monster.
World Eater.

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