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From Monument to Masses


From Monument to Masses

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Divided and conquered
Well rise and shine
Your orders have arrived
And while we were sleeping it off
We've been iron clad
Like the Merimac was

"It's probably the worst instant human toll of any crime, and that may be true, but there are terrorist crimes with effects a bit more drawn out that are much more extreme. Nevertheless it's a historic event 'cause there was a change. The change was the direction in which the guns were pointed. During these close to 200 years the United States expelled or mostly exterminated the indigenous populations... however many people; conquered half of Mexico, carried iout depredations all over the region, Central America, sometimes beyond; conquered Hawaii and the Philippines, killing several hundred thousand Filipinos in the process; since the Second World War it's extended its reach around the world in ways I don't have to describe. But it was always killing someone else. The fighting was somewhere else. It was others getting slaughtered, not here."
-Noam Chomsky

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