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From Monument to Masses


From Monument to Masses

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Quit looking for some kind of mystery to be solved like there's some sort of magic behind any of it.
This isn't anything new, people have been doing it for centuries.
Seeing what had to be done, finding friends, people to work with - to unite with,
to get things moving.
The names change, the faces change but the basics are there.
You get people together and you make promises.
It's that simple, that's how you move history.

Yeah it ain't perfect 'cause life ain't perfect.
We should just work - we got to.
You'd just get to know other people, talk to them, build with them, be out there.
'Cause in the end they're just like you. Lost and confused.

If this is living, what is death?
If this is progress, what comes next?
When life can't happen for the rest of us.

For every foothold that we lost
For every broken people's cause
We won't regret look back and learn.
We won't regret.

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