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Born For Stay

From All Lies

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I feel fear, my bed I seem to fall of the sky
I feel wing metallic to scare my will to fix - me in this soil.
falling for the emptiness to be distant
but I do not want to go
and I do not want to fall

I perceived new flags in native lands that no liked
the weapons that I fight to destroy the world are the same ones that they destroy my heart against my wishes, death
I hear voices saying I to think

through broken glasses I see stretches of sick lives
I measure I am born to honor our wills
and against them
I am going
and I do not want to go
I chose new minds to play the sadness drug it strike it as

if they were wing to air heavy as a strange form of destruction
I was born to be
to be born to be
to be born to permancer here

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