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Iron Scars

From All Lies

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this was the street that history destroyed
at the same time you killed there for
its dreams changed for pain
suffering played to the soil in the deep
punishment or salvation?
we are not the holy ghosts therefore we forget
that we still have hope
the last thing that remains is to feel
iron scars remembering me
exit or continuation?
we go therefore exist sins to pay
before the flame takes its place
of the green fields that existed
where the hatred blew up the fear
blood or curse?
who wait to rebirth being this
remains to live the truths of the men
the same ones that they construct the death
e thinks that they will come back of leached ashes egoism or induction?
we are not the holy ghosts therefore we forget that beyond hope we have heart
the first thing that aches when it finishes the time
for the war of the life
iron scars protect me

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