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Soft Orange


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A billion ships are among my hair
Needle-shaped shoes tread in my thoughts
If orange dynamite stiffened in your chest
Sleeplessness shows me new ways
My rubber ring has broken
I bury myself in soft orange sounds

We run in the dark
I saw his dream was hopeless
And I knew the reason of the self-deception lie
Painless his coat
Carrying it on him, like his face
That's shoutless and he rests pitifully
The dreambird's wings are too weak
Gets weak and forgets the aim
He'll wake up again
If he recognizes the fruitless effort of his wall

One last cut
And his underfall
The fog of the ignorance hugs him
Aimless is looking around
Curious flowers in his eyes
Is this vision a dream or utopia?

If I have a daughter
I will tell her this story
And she's understand
Why don't get a worm reward
When his dream is over

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