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Dissenter (Pol)

Rotten Soul

Dissenter (Pol)

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Deceived with altar of nearness
You didn't give me these words
Even when you are choked
With moist breath of life.

Dimmed shadows on the wall
Screams of children creates vault
On a plate of dirty passions
I rend your rotten soul.

Blade washed with tears of death
Conceals in abyss of breath.
Mother why do you sadden me
So lasting in deadly silence

Once upon a time
When burning crosses stood up
In misty amusement grounds of mankind
Swaddle of lies
With dreams filled blood
Flowed in brain of christ

Sensitive hatred
Will permit to whisper wish
Of immortal sufferings
Madness wanting love

With fog soaked look
Fools lasting in slavery
With decision faded thoughts
As puppet decays creation

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