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Dissenter (Pol)

By The Eyes Of The Dead

Dissenter (Pol)

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Pain in my head
Emptiness in my soul
I'm walking carefully
Guiding my body by touch
Like a blind man
I'm listening with attention
I destroy the whiteness
Pain in my head

Darkness ... Entraps , Extends
To the strong suffering
Mad shadows dance
I disappear slowly
I get lost in gloom
On the wind of forgiveness
The parts of my skin are flapping

I'm bleeding like a fool man
I delude myself about an idea
That i'm alive
The death dosen't come

I'm looking down , My body in blood
I'm looking down , The rest all around
I'm screaming in madness,
My blood dries in the sun

I'm screaming in madness,
Observing my death in silence

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