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The Bigger Complex


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Remember when you were whole?
remembering when you were whole, then...Torn apart
From abuse...given from those you love,
Gradually eating at you
Saw enough...There's a vision of blood and it's yours
There's a lust...A lust for the taste,
That he'll seek...Soon he'll find...

Soon...Grab the tools, tools that will bring
Devastation. Seen in his eyes, no sense of pride...
No sense of hope, no sense of sight

Devastation, just a punishment for your crimes...For your crimes
Have relief. Fight till death, one it's over
He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest. At rest...
He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest. He'll be at rest.

Remembering when you were whole,
Then torn apart from abuse.
Abuse. Abuse. Abuse. Abuse.

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