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Peel the skin back from your face...Bloodshed
Peel the skin back...Watch them bleed
Muscles on their face drip with disease
Now you have sinapses...Dying brain cells stain the brain

We go off like cannons...Rapidly
We go off like cannons...We destroy

Buckets of blood in each hand...Intestinal
Strangulation...Intestinal noose...Diarrhea...
Mutilate. Desecrate. Strangulate. Now you die...Die just to rot
Mutilated. Desecrated. Strangulated. Now you die

Soul devourment. the dead will rob the womb and roam lifeless again
Lifeless again. Millions will perish. Millions
Souls will be raped. Raped in the skull. Cut from lung to lung.
Tripping on your guts. Entrails will be smashed.
Millions of souls will be raped...Will be raped

Your end is near...Menstrual...Slut...
Walk on the rope around your throat. Eyes rolled...Entrails smashed

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