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Carnivorous Oral Sex


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My knees are broken
Several bones are exposed
Squirming in agony
She pierce me with her nails
Slitting my cock, fucking whore
Ultimate extreme tortures
Drag me to pools of gore

Sadic whore
She licks my sores
Snipping my cock
Ripping my wounds

Severe mutilated genitals, introducing spikes through the ureter
All my ribs are broken, lack of air makes me down in asphyxia
Putting leeches on my cock
Hatching my legs, leashes fall on the grown, beseted by blades

Choking with my own blood,
My throat is cutted
The sfinter is exposed
And ready to devour
She begins to lick my dismembered cock, swallowing pus and blood from it
Compelled to feast on my flesh, fractured spinal tab the coxsis is broken

Gruesome ravage
Hunter killer
Mass rampage
Hack me up

Devourment of bladder,cock, genitals
Blood squirts out from the artfullness
The corpse lay now broken

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