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The Saw Execution


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Cradles of thorns await, the victim remains
feeble screams decapitate, the silence
the executers won't finish until
the saw splits the bastard in half

hunged up from his feet he suffers slowly the worst execution ever made

the saw now is ripping the stomach,
tons of blood flowing and dreanching the saw
the victim is still alive and
feeling the saw caressing his heart

Acts of sordid pervertion and torture, vertebral column shredded
breaking every bone of the body the heart is now liquated by the friction

throat, torax and cranium disloqued, twisted and splited

now the swine is brutally shredded
by the unmercyfull executers toy
and the people smile and clam
for another pig to split off.

creeping slowly, the sharped teeth, ripps the second swine

the predator saw jams in the another victim torax
screams makes deafening
the saw is soaked in blood
bones fragments flies towards the crowd

The saw execution is waiting to split you off!!!

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