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Devil on Earth

No Escape

Devil on Earth

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We are strong, we are march ad we are the army of steel
Under the fullmoon our amours shines
Our eyes reflects death, endless agony
Spreading hate, wandering in dark lands

Every day and every night, breaking the resistance
The mass of steel remains the same
If you think you can stop us it is better think again
Because we love this life of sin

Dark clouds in the sky, the blackness of the night
A perfect night to drain your life
We command this game, we bring torture and pain
Close your eyes and die

We will steal your life, will tread over your body, spread through the streets
That will leave a trail of death
Hear the cry of war, tearing your skin and bones
Die to live in hell

The smell of death, infects the air
The frozen blood, runs wild in our veins
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Soldiers march, strong and brave

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