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Devil on Earth

Metal Mass

Devil on Earth

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This is the time, the wall of sound
Banging your heads, untill the end
Go up the stage, burst your brains
Hot blood spills, headbanger rules
We are the same and we are full of dreams
Loud heavy metal, spreading in the land
Amps to ten, high speed sound
Ripping through your ears, adrenalin flows

Don't stop for nothing, inject it in your veins
Fire burns in eyes, heart beating fast
With chains and leather, raise the fist
We send the message that crosses the land
Playing with fury night after night
The fingers are bleeding, gates of hell fall
Here on stage we'll explode
Listen to our voice or fuck off and die

The metal mass
Cutting the air
Flying high
To your despair
Burning the sky
Take their lives
You pays the price

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