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Depths of Desecration


Depths of Desecration

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I feel the hatred deep inside
Running throught my veins
It seems I was betrayed and
I'm gonna loose all that remains

Still forced to be a slave, but I'm
Not the one you want me to be.
I fix the problem with the blade,
Your death is my guarantee

My open wounds still hurt
My last breath's still reserved
I won't play a game that I hate

We're stuck on the edge of the madness
We're not the same we were before
Everything's left is the sadness
Your sick honor, my inner war

Pretending old lies are alive
Sometimes you're still adorable
You're the one, the illusion
I'm chasing to know I'm not disposable.

My inner safety is broken
You're the only one that I blame
For all the painful memories
And the rancor of what I became

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