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Depths of Desecration

Hide From Destiny

Depths of Desecration

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Hunt me like the reaper himself
Rip all my flesh from my bones
I know it's the only way to take revenge.

I see the hatred in your eyes
Your hunger for my blood takes form
Watching my heart beat in your hand

The warm blood's taste on your tongue
Calms down your angry soul for now
Noone sees us as you take what you need
Finally, I've confessed my sins for you

All the good times are far away right now
All the nightmares are burning in my mind
All I did was the part of another life
There's no excuse but I still live on

I call your name with fear
Filling my heart with false hope
It's my way to survive insanity

No pain will stop because I
Pretend it just does not exist
Once I'll have to face with all I left behind.

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