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Dem Franchize Boyz

Slap Ya Witta Bank

Dem Franchize Boyz

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Young nigga
I luv 2 muthafuckin fight
but when shit get thick
I grab th a k
he grab the pipe
so wen my muthafuckin
partnaz wen they rumble or wen they right
we strapped n all black
so dem suckaz c tha light sum people
say im crazy my eye stay lazy tha neck
so sweet ten bricks 4 tha 80 killin
fuck niggaz wen
they dont wanna pay ones
on my shirt stay clean so
i made we back on tha block
servin glass 2 tha j nigga
got a glass jar talkin
shit breakin face countin yays n tha bar
say dem ones
say day late
got a king fitch tell her
get tha fuck out tha way
wet paint big shoez move motors
let race young nigga tryin get it wat
I care about a case if
u want me cum n get me bitch
I got ak see yall niggaz n my click
we dont muthafuckin play

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