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Dark Star


Dark Star

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No place for the dreamers
Lame dogs you'd better cover your tracks
Late at night with the wolf-wind howling
We'll be out there running with the pack
We don't need a reason to justify
The madness that lies in our blood
Don't believe in the virtues
Motel-mantraps are all that we know
I never heard of no virgo intacls
A womans pride is when she's letting it show
Blood in our hands from innocent victims
We happened along the way

Nothing stars livin' 'til it's overdriven
When the warriors of iron are near
And volume is striking like thunder and lightening
The message is load and it's clear
It's the
Rockbringer! And we can take you there
Rockbringer! We can show you anywhere
Rockbringer! Time is on our side
Rockbringer! But we never realised
Rockbringer! Rockbringer!

Speed kills on the highways
No signs of life were the cats-eyes burn
Five good men with bad reputations
A long hard road with no return
But we'll keep on moving from ton-up 'til sun up
'Til we finally reach our goal
So you'd better be ready
When the stormlords roar and the axes strike
With the balance unsteady, look out!
Dark stars will appear in the night
And the faint hearted shadows seek shelter
'Til sunrise

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