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Dark Star

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Just a lonely musician in a world he'd come to know
A word of plastic meanings and an endless one night show
Where everything that he dreamed of had finally come to pass
But the smile upon his face, just wasn't meant to last

And they said that all the bad times were gone
They said we'd be on easy street from now on
But I've got the feelin' that its all gone wrong
And I ask myself?how long? I can keep on hanging on
When all that's left is just this song

His mind turns back to a girl he'd known in the not to
Distant past
To a love who'd known, that could have been, but wasn't built
To last
A world thats built an images, and nothings ever meant
And theres not much left of truth and love, when they've taken
Their percent

They said you were a superstar, but look what you've become
You're bitter sweet success has left you feeling numb
They paid you with a thousand tears, and the dreams long gone
And all that you have left is just this song

Well he's on the road day after day
The radio his records play
But the loneliness is here to stay
And so he takes the stage again, and forces back a tear
And he sings a song of a love he'd knows, that the audience
Won't hear

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