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Damien Youth

The Stripper

Damien Youth

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If I had a million I know that I'd be free, said the ugly voice inside of thee.
Or if you hit the big time girl, well maybe then they'd see, that there's something beautiful in thee.
Something that's so beautiful, it's spiritual, it's animal, it's anything it needs to be.
It's raven clawed, it's tentacled, it's writhing on it's pedestal, unfolding inside of thee.

When I took a moment just to watch you on your stage, you're a child that dances 'round it's grave.
I hide behind the candle in the corner of the room, and I try to dream us far away.
'cause I don't want to see you in a state of feigned relations, bending holy to stranger's smiles
For soon there'll come a night your golden light will turn against you, you'll be pulled to the other side.

If they lived forever still they'd never live to see, all the pain that's there inside of thee.
"If they'd turn the lights out here then everyone agrees, that there's something wrong inside of me."
It butterfly's in faces, then goes fluttering cross stages, orchestrating the coming days.
So gather 'round my childhood friends, we all know how the story ends, so nobody turn the page. . .

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