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Damien Youth

Mirror Jane

Damien Youth

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Jane goes to sleep in the back of my car
She is mute & disheveled all under the stars
That are twinkling irreverent to illuminate scars
On this widow hatched, trailer trash, angel of god
And her window is down so the breeze blows her hair
To feel light as a feather that swirls in the air
Lost... never landing... where current is king
Little fuck puppet freeing herself from her strings

In road-way-hum we are falling together
And headlight flow looks like ghost tears from heaven.

Jane takes a much deeper look at herself
Ripped up old raggedy anne on the shelf
That was put away torn in some bully boy's room
Half wrapped up in spider webs, cat pissed & strewn

Little ghost child she stares just a while out the window.
Then she drifts back off in the warmth of dream's halo

She woke for a little while, looks all around
A face in my mirror smiles. we're so far from town

Somebody somewhere must know what she means
When she says that she's sinking more into that dream, that she's not really here nor has she ever been, she's just muddled thought, manifest, in god's brain obscene

And then silenced all so that no one will hear her
A lost heart beat just outside of the mirror

We just arrived yesterday, & for a short while
We have a safe place to stay, we turn off the light

And we both lay down in the same place together
Just two lost coins in the same box of treasure
And we all lay down in the same place together
And we're all lost coins in the same box of treasure
Till we all lay down in the graveyard together
We are all lost souls in the halls of forever.
Jane's falls asleep in the back of my car

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