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Blood Of The Ancients


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Once I was stranded in my pride
My vision blind by the scope of all things prescribed
Then by the words of a contemplative mind
My dreams took flight and the sage within me thrived

What once with certainty I had considered myth
Fiction gone amiss, the stuff of the abyss
I see as more than tales men whisper in the night
The truth will come to flight and proof will come with sight

To the ends of the earth
To a place where dreams make berth

I feel the blood of ancients swimming through my veins
A call to see what they have seen
A faith in dreams and visions in my soul ingrained
Could I believe what they believed?

Once the envy of my peers
My new conviction have resigned me to their jeers.
I must stand up to my fears
Lest I be consumed for years, the path to me is clear

By providence alone ride to the marches and beyond
Where few have gone I'll travel on
Until I find the legends that men have lost
Consigned to memory, cast aside as zeus or thoth

Onward I ride to the west and to the east
To seek the proof I need and my torment's surcease
Verities confound me as a stag eludes a hound
But I'll have my vindication and tell of what I've found

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