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Demons In The Dark


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Painfully the lust for blood
Grows in the hearts of northern men
To understand it's siren call
Is far beyond their mortal ken
Plunder and a womans touch
Meat and gold and wine
Enemies all torn to shreds
These visions occupy their minds

Between the nightfall, and the shining morn
The silence shattered, a sounding horn
Dragon boats, faster than a shark
Deliver warriors, deliver demons in the dark

Sinful demons in the

Bloodthirsty demons
In the dark...

Cautiously, the refugees
Seek shelter from their fate
With northern warriors searching still
Hunting in a frenzied state
Darkness gives their leaders hope
Shelters them from view
But frightened cries betray their lives
The slaughter starts anew

Burn the village down
Cast the dead away
Burn the village down
Leave the priest to pray
Burn the village down
Drink the blood of the dead
And be initiated into our brotherhood of dread

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