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Chris von Sneidern

Here I Go

Chris von Sneidern

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Here I go, tell me how I found nothing was around for opportunity
I want to know, why right from the start I can't steal a heart to fascinate me

If you would like to know nobody ever calls or asks my name
You'd think I'd want to go back to the time and place from where I came

But you arrive, take me by surprise
I will not disguise my wishful mind
In spite that I've fallen once before
You're the one I'd swore I'd never find

You'll see a light that shines upon the gloom
pretending to presume he knows everything you need and then proceed
He'll make your life a peaceful means to end
and then you'll both pretend you're satisfied

We're much too young to judge
Don't throw away the days that come our way
I'll lay my knife in blood just tell me where to be and name the day
and let the others go their way
when all is said and done you won't regret this one

So now you know, suddenly aware
Life without a care to come along
How I know if it's going well only time will tell if I am wrong
and here I go, here I go, here I go

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