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Chris von Sneidern

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Doctor, can you save her heart?
Scattered dreams show in her art
Battlegrounds and Ancient Age are creeping through the ink onto the page

She would rather be alone than face the loss of any ones that had to go
This will always show

Twenty years of sacrifice for her children, not a wife
When they left, she heard no shout
Just a dying sound inside and out

She would rather be alone than bear the cost of losing everything again
Bring them back again

Can you resurrect her dreams?
Like the way she gave this life to me
She would rather not have to say no to happiness
instead say yes to willingness to survive

Operation a success
I can see her striving's on the fall
But one problem, I confess,
there's still a piece of heart that's repossessed.

Would she rather be alone than bear the loss of opportunity unknown?
Bring it back again, have your own again.

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