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A Word

C.B. Green

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You pretend living in peace and in harmony
Ask yourself: is it the truth that you're living with
How strong are you?

Would you hide your memories
For to to keep fears away?
Truth means everything!
Tell it again and again!

And a word means everything
Say a word, praise the day
Let a word be said and done
They will remember me

And a word heals everything
Like a word saves the day
Let a word be said and done
Words can deliver me - deliver me

Say a word! Go, ease the pain with a simple thing
Don't believe everyone judges like you
- They all got different minds

But a word can make a smile
In a word you believe
Let them understand
Show them who you really are

And they all cry out
Someone help me out
But it's all about
Tell them there's no doubt

Say a word, say a word, shout it out

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