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C.B. Green

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You don't have to look hard for miracles
Right outside your door.
But it seems there's only trouble,
In our lifes, what we are searching for
There are things we just don't see
Because we don't want to believe
We shouldn't close our eyes
There'll be no change if nobody tries
To give a little ray of light


And beneath all the sorrow
There's a child that smiles
Hope for a new tomorrow
Guarded by a ray of light
And lf the winds are changing
If the ice just breaks
A chance for a better future
A ray of light is all it takes
Sometimes we are so helpless,
We don't seem to find a way
Giving hope and show we care for
The children, so each night i pray
That someday all of us
Stand together to feel love and trust
That everybody learns to give
And we change the way we live
We all need a ray of light


A little soul is out there
Feeling cold and lost
Not alone because you care
Not alone, not alone

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